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Plastic packaging container

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Plastic packaging containers are containers that are made of plastic materials and are used for packaging. With the rapid development of petrochemical industry and the rapid development of plastic industry, plastic packaging containers have replaced the packaging containers made of metal, glass, ceramics, wood and other materials in many ways, showing strong vitality.

The molding method is generally adopted, and its shape is mainly determined by the molding method and the mold used. Sometimes the same (or similar) shape can be made by different methods. For example, hollow containers are usually made by blow moulding, but also by injection moulding (especially large containers, small-batch containers or special-shaped containers); turnover boxes are usually made by injection moulding, but in some special cases, calcium-plastic plates are used to meet the needs of use. Tailoring (lightweight, inexpensive, but slightly weaker in strength) or molding by pre-foamed polystyrene beads (with exceptional heat insulation and good cushioning and seismic resistance), or even by sheet thermal molding (low cost but limited in strength).

Different molding methods often have a great impact on the performance and cost of the products. Therefore, it is quite advantageous to have a general understanding of various molding methods when choosing plastic packaging containers. The characteristics of various plastics commonly used in plastic packaging containers are very important for the correct selection of plastic packaging containers, because the material quality of plastic packaging containers determines the basic characteristics of plastic packaging containers. Plastic packaging containers with the same or similar shape may have extremely different performance due to different materials.