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choosing suppliers for plastic packaging container

Are you concerned about the following problems?

  • 生产实力不够

    Production capacity is insufficient

    Not strong enough?
    Unable to meet supply needs?

  • 原料不好

    Raw material not good

    Using inferior materials?Materials are not environmentally friendly?
    Resulting in uneven product quality?

  • 生产效率低

    Low productivity

    Low production efficiency, slow production and low productivity?
    Delivery time is not guaranteed?

  • 售后无人跟踪

    After-sales tracking

    After-sales tracking worried about after-sales problems?
    Unmanned tracking service?

The same of plastic bottle supplier

why all of them choose ZQ?

The same of plastic bottle supplier, why all of them choose ZQ?
为什么他们都选择中启 为什么他们都选择中启 为什么他们都选择中启 为什么他们都选择中启

    13-year production experience, large-scale domestic manufacturers

  • ZQ covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 32 sets of automatic high-speed production line (including one-step method and two-step method), which can meet the capacity of 15 million sets per month;

  • Large inventory of conventional products, fast delivery, complete logistics distribution center, products sold to the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Korea and other parts of the world;

  • ZQ has planned to build a 20,000 square meters of modern production plant and a 2,000 square meters of 100,000 class dust-free purification workshop, will be put into use in 2020 with a new look。

    Quality assurance, from raw materials to shipments

  • Strictly control the purchase of raw materials, all raw materials meet the national food industry standards;

  • All product quality through high-end machine equipment 360 full without dead Angle without blind area detection, and will automatically remove defective products online;

  • The quality inspector spot-checks the stock products to ensure the product qualification rate is up to 99.9%。

    Affordable prices give customers the most tangible feedback

  • Direct selling of manufacturers, primary source of goods, intermediate links, to ensure the maximum benefit of wholesalers and agents;

  • With long-term cooperation upstream and downstream supply chain, mass purchase, price stability;

  • We have a team of 13 years of sales experience to customize personalized solutions for you。

    Perfect service system and strong technical support

  • Professional and strong after-sales service team, providing technical support for customers all day;

  • Special handling of emergency orders to ensure maximum customer benefit;

  • Perfect logistics distribution center, products are sold all over the world。